We offer the finest above ground pools available on the market today. Our professional team of installers will have you out of the heat and into your new pool in no time, without breaking the bank!


Keep your children and pets safe while keeping your pool clean! A few dollars spent now is cheap insurance against a possible family tragedy. In addition, your pool will stay cleaner throughout the winter months since leaves and other debris are kept out.


Is your liner cracking and leaking? Are you ready to get swimming again? We specialize in liner replacements and consider ourselves the pros in this area.


Get your pool opened and ready before the hottest of days hits Atlanta! We remove your pool cover and clean it, then adjust the chemicals and balance the water so that its ready for swimming. Make sure to schedule an appointment early in the year to guarantee you won’t be sweating it out when those warm May days are upon us.


Be sure to take advantage of this great service to preserve your pool and equipment through the winter months. We will do everything necessary to make sure that your pool is ready for the freezing weather. Consider purchasing a safety cover for added winter protection. Call and schedule an appointment before winter is here so that you can get it done before the first freeze.


Tired of sweeping, vacuuming, and balancing chemicals ? Let us do it for you! We offer comprehensive service at competitive prices!

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Our combined on-site experience of over 45 years means that often we can repair your damaged equipment at a significant cost savings to you. For instance, many other stores would be happy to sell you an entire new motor when all you need is a new impeller.

We are dedicated to establishing a long term relationship with our customers and this starts with treating them as we would like to be treated. We will never shortcut a job in order to save small change, but at the same time, we never do unnecessary work or recommend unnecessary parts.

If you have a problem with your pool or spa either on-site, or if you bring equipment into the store, we will always give you an honest, up-front estimate on the cost and parts necessary to do a quality job!

Need Advice?
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