Above Ground Pools


Installing an above ground pool could be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made!

Family memories . . . relaxation . . . and just plain ol’ fun! And, should you ever decide to remove your pool, the flexibility of these above ground models will allow you to reclaim your backyard in a day’s time! See below for specific model information.


Seaspray Evolution CLX
(24 ft pool shown)


9″ top rail
Galvanized, Bonded, & Pevowalllastisol for life-long resistance against nature’s elements
All parts integrated for seamless super strength

Emboss curve gives impact-resistant strength
Beaded liner
Available in round or oval, various sizes

Experience the enhanced beauty of the Lotus pattern wall!



When it is hot outside, nothing beats wading in the cool waters of your above ground pool. The Resin Series brings you innovative technology and incredible endurance that will win your heart as the ideal fusion of high technology and impeccable style. Resin injection molding is a revolutionary process that eliminates corrosion risks and guarantees long-term dependability. Transform your backyard into an everyday vacation.

  • FIESTA wall pattern is a fluid design matching the Champagne structure.
  • Ledge covers perfectly adjust to the uprights while ensuring the pool has a circular orientation.
  • Pillars of the pool structure, the uprights are reinforced with embossed patterns that insure stabilization of the top ledge.
  • Profiled circular form provides superior elegance and sophistication.
  • All the components for the resin pool structure are molded by an injection process that enables us to reinforce each of these components.
  • Synflex resin bottom rails come with exterior shields, giving them strength.


Round 52″ Height
12′ 15′ 18′ 21′ 24′ 27′ 30′


Oval 52″ Height
12’x20′ 12′ x 24′ 15′ x 26′ 15′ x 30′ 18′ x 33′


  • 6-inch curved Talc filled injection-molded resin top ledges
  • Talc filled injection-molded resin uprights reinforced with embossed patterns
  • Ledge covers perfectly adjust to upright
  • Synflex injection-molded resin bottom rails
  • Resin stabilizers and safely secure vinyl liner
  • Fiesta wall pattern
  • Heavy corrugated wall with superior coatings
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Multi-layered resin Kote wall with top coat
  • 3 step inner wall enamel protection on wall
  • Easy to assemble
  • Yardmore Buttress-free system for oval pools
    • enjoy your pool without losing your yard


  • Champagne



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